Panomera® S4 Baseline

  • Multifocal Sensor System with 4 sensors
  • Effective resolution 40 / 30 megapixel
  • Recognition distance 180 m / 90 m
  • Horizontal field of view 11° / 22°
  • Frame rate 12.5 fps at full resolution
  • Digital Day/Night switching
  • 4K Ultra HD Ready
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range

  • Panomera® S4 40/11
  • Panomera® S4 30/22

The patented Panomera® Multifocal Sensor System is a totally novel camera technology particularly developed for the extensive video surveillance of large-scale areas. With Panomera®, enormously broad ranges as well as areas with great distances are displayed in a completely new resolution quality – in real time and at high frame rates.

With Panomera®, a huge area can be surveilled from a single location – and the resolution can be almost scaled without limits depending on the customer’s needs (e.g. by combining multiple Panomera® Multifocal Sensor Systems).
The innovative lens and sensor concept of the Panomera® offers a unique overall view while, at the same time, capturing the finest of details even for long distances. The result is a significant reduction of infrastructural demands:
In places where, in the past, several HD or megapixel cameras would have had been required, now, one Panomera® Multifocal Sensor System alone is sufficient.

Panomera® far exceeds the conventional Full HD 1080p standard and megapixel resolution.
As a Multifocal Sensor System especially scaled for each customer requirement, all areas of the entire surveillance scene are simultaneously displayed at maximum detail resolution.
Regardless of which part of the surveilled area an operator concentrates on and no matter when, with Panomera® all events are entirely covered at all times. Therefore, an incident can always be re-constructed to be used as evidence in court, no matter where it took place and even at a later point in time, and individuals involved can be identified. Panomera® provides for a full overall view with minimum wear and almost no maintenance.
The Multifocal Sensor System, thus, offers a long service life and long-term investment protection.

  • Multifocal Sensor System with 4 sensors
  • Panomera® Effect for a resolution across the entire object space always higher than 125 px/m1) for up to a distance of 180 or 90 m2)
  • Specially scaled angles of view and aspect ratios for highly diverse requirements
  • Effective resolution 40or 30 megapixels2)
    (compared to a conventional single-sensor camera)
  • 4K Ultra HD Ready
  • Consistent depth of field for overall image sharpness
  • Extremely bandwidth-friendly real-time data transmission (streaming) with up to 12.5 fps at full resolution
  • Digital Day/Night switching technology3)
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range (UWDR) for highest color fidelity and superb detail reproduction even in scenes with a wide range of contrast and strong backlighting
  • Permanent capturing/recording of the entire scene
  • Pure Digital Signal Processing
  • Remote Back Focus Control
  • High-efficiency H.264 video compression
  • Automatic (brightness) Level Control (ALC)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Automatic White Balance (AWB)
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D-DNR)
  • Privacy Zone Masking (hiding/masking of protected areas)
  • Automatic object tracking over long distances
  • Multiuser capability
  • Multicast capability
  • Recording with SMAVIA Recording Server supported
  • Weather-proof (IP66)
  • Integrated heater
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Copper or fibre-optic networking2)
  • Voltage supply (camera) with 48 V DC, 24 V AC (50/60 Hz) or
    PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at)
  • ONVIF Profile S compliance for easy integration into 3rd party systems
  • DIN EN 50130-4 compliant

  • Perimeter protection
  • Building facades
  • Small to medium-sized parking spaces
  • City surveillance applications,
  • Station platforms (train, metro, tram, bus)
  • Warehouses and logistics areas
  • Shopping malls
  • Terminals (airport, container, ferry)


1) Depending on the installation height and camera inclination; 125 px/m meet the requirements for the recognition of persons by an operator.
2) Depending on the model 
3) The Day/Night switching is performed digitally, without the use of a mechanically removable IR-cut filter; the camera is not sensitive to infrared light during night.


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